Steve Perry

Steve Perry

I run a couple of Channels and there used to be stats available for them. They are no longer present in the new version of Vimeo, which is quite disappointing.

I upgraded to Plus so that I get 'Advanced Stats' and still no Channel stats. When are you incorporating these back in?



Soxiam Staff

This is on our to-do list. Sorry we just couldn't get them ready yet for this initial round of testing.

Steve Perry

Steve Perry

Excellent, looking forward to it!

Love the new style.

I'm missing these too. Look forward to getting them back. Thanks.

Playgrounds Digital Arts Fest

Playgrounds Digital Arts Fest Plus

The fact that stats of channels are no longer there is really strange even in a testing version.Why isn't it there anymore? Or mayby I can't find them? Please help.


Soxiam Staff

It's simply a feature we have not yet ported over. The new vimeo test will have certain missing features like these as we work on completing the release. They're not cut from the feature. They are coming.



I'm interested in stats for my channel, too (and am happy to bump up to the Pro plan for it). Namely I would like:

- channel home page views
- video views of each channel item (ideally w/ a way to see if the item was viewed 'in-channel')
- subscriber gain/loss
- some kind of referrer info for new subscribers (would like to identify which items bring in the most subscribers)



Soxiam Staff

Sorry for the delay. This is still on our list of to-do's but we are waiting until we are fully finished with a much larger stats backend rewrite project currently underway.

EmployBridge, Inc.

EmployBridge, Inc. Plus

Is this still not available or can I just not finding it? Seems like a no brainer?

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Sorry, we're still working on a stats overhaul which this is dependent on.

Thijs Viegers

Thijs Viegers

Ah I'm glad this is in the works! would be very usefull.

Agrosuper Servicios Corporativos

Agrosuper Servicios Corporativos Plus

Hello Matt!

Is very important to my company have a good stats, we need to see the real plays and loads.
this was the most important items when we choice vimeo as platform to see our videos.

What is the time you manage to repair this bug?

best regards

So after two years, a feature that once existed and was removed is still on the to-do list? Perhaps time to consider changes to how the to-do list is managed?

Whilst going with the creative flow of whatever is new and most interesting jumps to the top of priority list might have cut it in the past before Vimeo started charging, now it owes its customers a more business like approach.

When can we expect the Channel Stats to return to Vimeo?

Voice Media Group

Voice Media Group PRO

Just checking -- is this going to come back? We'd like to make the most of our videos on Vimeo, but this is a roadblock and the detour is a long one.

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