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I am nearly at the end of my 30 days trial of Vimeo Pro, so I need to ask you urgently what I asked 3 weeks ago but somehow the significance got lost in the forums. ( , and This time I break it down and add solutions.

I only want to do exactly what the VimeoPro promo promises: ie "Create stand alone customizable websites to showcase [my] business with video. Choose from multiple themes and customize them ... simply share videos with the world. ..."

There are 3 reasons why Vimeo Pro doesn't offer that yet. So I suggest a few small but significant tweaks that would make it work.

Problem 1 is that Vimeo appears to make portfolios unsearchable, so they cannot be seen. (Every project wants to know that people can find the site.) For example, the 13 top entries produced by a Google video search for 'QSARs in REACH' are all my videos in Vimeo, but no portfolios appear. That is because the HTML links from the videos to the portfolios all contain a 'no follow' instruction to the search engines - automatically added by Vimeo. Crucially that means there is no SEO value coming from the videos to the portfolio, or from the videos and portfolio to the project. So at present, I would be better off creating an independent website than using a portfolio as a website. To fix this, Pro members just need to be able to override the 'no follow' instruction in a link.

Problem 2 is that some of those 13 search results for 'QSARs in REACH' are mine but from completely different projects, with no connection to that subject matter. The search mixes up the projects because the texts and videos all appear together on the 'My videos' page. The outcome is not professional looking; it's a disaster. To keep projects separate, and make the portfolios work, Pro members evidently need to be able to conceal the 'My videos' page, and just present the videos both individually and in portfolios. The profile page would offer the portfolios. A person finding an individual video would have two links: 'Other videos in this portfolio' and 'Other portfolios'.

Problem 3 is just the flexibility in the portfolios. There is insufficient space for text about the portfolio, so I cannot explain the project, or relate the videos to other outputs or even give credit to those who contributed to the videos. The width settings are all hard-wired in the HTML, so you cannot alter them in CSS, so I cannot embed the portfolio into an existing website. Even the thumbnails are hard-wired at 4-3 not 16-9, so they look odd and incomplete. Each portfolio just needs another optional text box below the videos, and to rely more on CSS than HTML

After a huge amount of time invested in creating 4 portfolios, I am now going back to embedding the videos in independent websites. That means not using Vimeo Pro. These problems are technically small, but with huge implications. They mean Vimeo Pro doesn't yet do what it says on the tin, but if you fixed them, then it could be really amazing.

Hope that makes sense and is useful. The first is the easiest to fix and the most fundamental. A response would help me decide whether to hang on in hope, or switch back to Plus. With very best wishes.



Soxiam Staff

I've replied to the SEO topic in the other thread but I believe we will not be removing the nofollow tag in the immediate future from our descriptions and comments. This is a pretty big problem for us at our scale with the spammers trying to game search engines using our site and it's one of the measure we have to combat that.

As for the portfolio layouts, this is one of our youngest products and we have plans to make some improvements in future iterations.

I am sorry PRO didn't work out for exactly what and how you needed to use it. We will keep your suggestion in mind as we continue to work on them, but to be frank, I do not see any of these changes being rolled out before your trial period comes to an end. PRO

Thank you for the response. I understand the problem. I would like to try to take the 'no follow' issue forward as it prevents the portfolios from functioning as you intended.

The key issue is to link internally within Vimeo - from the individual video to the portfolio that it is contained within. Internal links between video and portfolio are safe.

That link could even be made automatically by Vimeo when a portfolio is created. (Internal links created by Vimeo do not have the 'no follow' tag, and would have no risk of gaming.) The automatic link from the video page to the portfolio could be titled: 'Other videos in this portfolio'.

That would make the portfolios visible and functional. I really hope you can solve this. With such small technical tweaks it could be brilliant...


Soxiam Staff

The portfolios are by design self-contained. Majority of our PRO users has not opted into the community which means there are no publicly accessible video clip pages to link back to. Also are you suggesting there should be a link back to the clip page from each video that shows up on portfolios? PRO

To explain - We produce documentaries about publicly funded research, in the public interest, as a not-for-profit. We want those videos to be publicly visible.

We have registered for Pro because we just want people to see the videos grouped in ways that make sense, with an explanation. So a documentary in 4 parts needs a portfolio with the 4 parts together, which can be found easily. Our needs are that basic.

When people find a single video via Google, it makes it confusing and counter-productive if the primarily link is to a page with a whole jumble of our projects and unrelated videos. Most people viewing our videos are in other professional and public worlds, so they don't want the 'join Vimeo' and other links. They just want the particular documentary or set of videos to be easily found and presented professionally. That's what Pro promises.

That's why I ask for the portfolios to be visible (easily found), by making the individual video link directly to the relevant portfolio. I suggest this link would make the portfolios findable and useable. Without a 'no follow' tag, it would also ultimately make them visible on search engines. (It does not need a link back the other way.)

The rationale for this suggestion is that the portfolios do not create search-visibility themselves. They use iframe embedding which video searches evidently do not follow.

To opt out of the Vimeo public community would therefore just make the videos invisible on search engines. (If we have to rely just on text content searches for the video to be found, and not video searches, then a portfolio would be far less effective than a simple website with embeds, because it has insufficient text content.)

The Pro promotion advocates portfolios as a means to present video professionally and share them widely. So I am not asking for anything new or extra. (Vimeo already offers amazing extras like updatable video and controlled embedding.) To link the video directly to the portfolio for the sake of the search engine, and to avoid mixing up all the projects on one page, would just seem to be professional basics.

After so much time taken to create our portfolios and to realise and explain the limitations, it feels a waste to just give up. Hence I would prefer to make them work. So if I have misunderstood something, or missed another way to make a portfolio visible, please enlighten me! :-) Thank you. PRO

Can I check with you - If I stay with Pro beyond the 30 days in the belief that these 3 basic problems will surely be solved, do I still have the option to switch back to a Plus subscription at the end of the year - with our videos, embeds and stats kept intact?
Thank you.

I got no answer, so emailed. The answer is yes, you can switch back from Pro to Plus with all videos, embeds and stats kept intact, as long as the Pro account does not lapse.


Soxiam Staff

That's correct. When PRO account expires, all of your videos, stats and other associated content, as well as your PRO account itself, will be removed from Vimeo. PRO

... unless you return to Plus subscription before the Pro expires. That is the positive bit which is missing from the FAQs and which is useful to know if you want to trial Pro for longer.


Soxiam Staff

We will try to improve out FAQ on this topic.

grahame brown

grahame brown PRO

I see this thread is over a year old and I recently joined and am finding the same issues with the non flexibility of the portfolios. Not being able to use HTML and properly link different video pages seems a nonsense.

Is this matter likely to be addressed?


Framepool PRO

It's sad, that nothing was changed since one year. I hope that problem 1 will be adressed soon. We would love to use portfolios more then we do know. But with rel=nofollow the pages have only little value for us.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

We have major improvements planned for PRO features in the near future.



What improvements, and what is meant by '...the near future...'?



HELLO... Hello.... hello...

ECHO... Echo... echo...

Seems a bit empty in here.



Well, you did, you do...

'We have major improvements planned for PRO features in the near future.'

You could at least provide a time-frame.

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