Lisa Moate

Lisa Moate

What happened to the option to share videos to flickr? I used this feature a lot. Can we have it back please? Now it seems that you can only share to facebook, twitter, tumblr and pinterest. With the old vimeo there was an option to share the video to flickr too. What happened to that feature? I'd LOVE to have it back!

Thanks in adance!


Soxiam Staff

Hello Lisa. We thought about this when we decided to add some new services to our quick share list. It wasn't being used heavily with out members in general and wanted to introduce some new services our members were asking for. We will think about this. Thanks for your input.

Lisa Moate

Lisa Moate

If it could be reintroduced that would be so awesome. I look forward to what you guys decide (fingers crossed!)


Michael Plus

Please add Flickr sharing, it was very useful!

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