Turnpike Digital

Turnpike Digital

I'm the tech person for a video marketing/production company. My sales guy needs to be able to make portfolios of our videos so prospective clients can see examples of our work. To add that professional feel, it needs to be on our custom domain and not vimeo.com. However, it appears that in order to do this, each portfolio needs to have its own custom-mapped subdomain. If he has 10 potential clients and wants to send out 10 custom portfolios, that means I have to make 10 custom CNAME records. I would like for him to be able to make and send portfolios without my help.

Is it possible to make a single subdomain and then have multiple portfolios attached to it? So instead of portfolio1.domain.com, portfolio2.domain.com, it would be portfolios.domain.com/1, portfolios.domain.com/2. Alternatively, if there's a way to make web pages secretly load vimeo content in an iframe-like way so users think it's a custom domain, that would work too.


Turnpike Digital

Turnpike Digital

I just figured out how to make iframes work, but it introduces the additional work of making a new html file, adding the iframe code, uploading it, and then keeping track of which portfolios are on which html files. It would really be best if it could show up on the portfolio's link in our Vimeo account.

Thanks again,

Turnpike Digital

Turnpike Digital

I finally figured this out using wildcard sub-subdomains. Once you set it up, you can create as many portfolios with custom URLs as you want without having to edit any zone files.

To get it working, you have to create a new A Record or CNAME record in your website's DNS manager. Either one will work, although Vimeo suggests a CNAME record. Note that Godaddy doesn't support CNAMEs.

First pick out your subdomain. This will be the same for all your URLs, so make it something like "portfolios" or "playlists". Your URLs will look like 3dreel.portfolios.example.com.

Now to edit the DNS on your website. If you're doing an A record, it will look like *.portfolios pointing to (Vimeo's IP). For a CNAME, it will point to vimeopro.com.

Once the changes take effect (5 minutes - 3 days), you can set your portfolios to use custom URLs! Note that they must have .portfolios.example.com after them (or whatever subdomain you chose).

Olive Tree TV

Olive Tree TV PRO

We'd also love to see the ability to use custom subdirectories instead of custom subdomains for our VOD pages.

We have a video rental site we'd like to use Vimeo VOD for, however, Vimeo's current "unique-subdomian-per-video" method is inefficient and unsustainable for anyone with a large number of videos.

Please consider adding this feature as it would expand the appeal of VOD for content creators and be greatly helpful for anyone wanting to use custom domains for multiple VOD videos.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

We don't have the technical ability to map Vimeo pages to your domain's sub directories as that requires you to be running a server behind it, and for Vimeo to be granted access from your end.

As with most services that offer domain mapping, Vimeo can only assign itself to the root or subdomains.

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