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I need to gather statistics each week on the videos in a couple of my Portfolios. The only way I see to do this is to track down the stats on each video individually & transfer them to a spreadsheet. It would be great if there were a Portfolio statistics page that would show the same stats as current videos views stats but do so for all the videos in the portfolio. I would need weekly and "all time" stats. An CSV export on this would be awesome. We are a Vimeopro subscriber.

I posted this to the forums and was told I should put in a feature request because this functionality doesn't currently exist. See


Soxiam Staff

Are you interested in stats for videos that are in portfolios or video stats for activities that took place inside each individual portfolio?


Minivegas PRO

interesting topic. i would also need to know if people watched films in the portfolios i create. is there any tool out yet? planned? thx

John Wilker

John Wilker PRO

I know this is an old thread, but figured I'd re-surface it. I've been looking at my stats, and I put each event's videos into a portfolio, it'd be awesome if i could see stats relative to a portfolio. IE top 10, etc portfolio, vs. (in addition to) overall across all my videos

The Presentation Company

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I'd vote for statistics in portfolios as well. While a lots of functionality would be great what is really needed is simply how many plays total have been made in a portfolio.

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