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Currently timestamping (chaptering / skip ahead) only works on video pages. It does not work if the video is embedded on a site, nor through portfolios or channels. Please please please could this feature be added to the embed option / portfolios / channels?
Timestamping is really essential in almost all training videos: students want to be able to skip to the relevant point on the video rather than flick manually through it.
Thank you,



Soxiam Staff

Timestamp will never work on embed player because we cannot control what happens outside the embed player on external sites.

Watoo Watoo

Watoo Watoo

Isn't it possible to add markers in the URL (I saw that it exists on YT)?
This way, the viewer could click to get on the desired point...
I have to split long videos in 5 parts because there's no way to skip...


David Rowbory

David Rowbory

I would really like some kind of chaptering support though. Two things that would make it great would be:
1. An embed code option to include a 'table of contents' below the video, as in the description.
2. A way to turn the whole line including a timestamp into a link, for example if the line begins with the timestamp. That would be much more elegant.

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