Adi Reza

Adi Reza

i live in super slow internet connection and i always hate uploading my video to vimeo. it took 3-4 hours for me to upload 300 mb video, usually it always failed in the end of uploading process and vimeo can't provide resume feature.

i like dropbox upload system, it fast, has auto resume feature, 100% succeed, and it also integrated with my mobile devices. why not vimeo develop system like that or collaborate with dropbox ?

it would be helpful for me who live in slow internet connection country
*pardon my english

Philippe Broers

Philippe Broers Plus

there was the uploader, they killed it, it was great, fast and reliable.
Now upload fails are ruining my life.
But eh what can we do? We have no control .

Hatfield Media

Hatfield Media PRO

Same problem here. I miss it dearly. Personally I am resorting to using youtube until this problem gets solved. Usually I am on a very solid connection, but lately I have been uploading at various not-so-awesome spots. I can't afford to waste time when large HD files fail so easily on Vimeo. Youtube autoresumes...

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