Genuine Pictures Inc.

Genuine Pictures Inc. Plus

May I suggest that the ability to delete multiple videos in one go be added.

I have almost a hundred videos to delete and the multi-step process is painful. I can identify the ones I want to delete based on alphabetical sorting. However every time I delete one, the sorting method defaults back to sort by date. And so on, over and over. A 5 step process.

If I could see all my videos in a list display with a check box beside each one. I could select the ones to delete and then hit the magical delete button. "Are you sure?" question could be posed and then I could blast them all away.

Graystone Media

Graystone Media

I could not agree more....if you use Vimeo in a higher volume manner, deleting old videos makes it difficult to keep only current stuff up (this 5 step process to delete a video sucks, folks!).

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