Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

//UPDATE 7/28/2014
Permanent download links are now available on-site and through our new API. Read our FAQ here:

//UPDATE 7/15/2014 We are working on making non-expiring download links for users now. There is no ETA for the feature release, but it is in active development now.

//ORIGINAL POST PRO users can allow access to unlisted Video Review Pages that have download links on them. More information on our FAQ:

Scoala Discovery

Scoala Discovery

It would be great to have the download links for videos to be permanent and be able use them outside vimeo.

Is this something that can be consider and moreover to be implemented for a PRO account? :)

Thanks a lot.


Primo Buenos Aires

Primo Buenos Aires PRO

I´d like the same feature, or at least that with the api, we could get the token to allow users to download video from website embeeding

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