Can anyone tell me how I can rotate my video???? it's bad to watch it when it lays down!



.were you actually holding the camera sideways like that or is it changing it when it converts to flash?i use adobe premier and its easily rotated..not familiar with winblows movie maker but i am sure it also does it.if you were actually filming that way then never do it again...thats a huge no-no in the video world that i personally live in..lol.

DJ Paine

DJ Paine Plus

yeah... don't rotate it in the first place!

but no real help for ya now i know....


islebehere PRO

it rotates in windows movie maker as well, but then you look really squatty. ew



i've spent the last dy trying to do this.. its a complete pain.

The thing is, when using a digital camera or cameraphone for photos we are used to shooting in portrait and landscape modes.. so i often forget that shooting video should probably be in landscape.

For some reason i was getting an error when i tried loading my pentax optio vids into WMM or Virtualdub.. so i turned to online sites.. and despite finding some excellent online editors at a number of sites, the one thing none could do was rotate!!

I finally got virtualdub to rotate it.. but now it gets s t r e t c h e d when vimeo converts it. There really should be a wayto either upload clips in portrait mode, or have the converto put black lines on the edges rather than stretching.

PS/ when googling around for a wayto rotate clips i found a number of others looking for the same thing.. so it seems to be a pretty common requirement that none of the current sites cater for.

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