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Another competing video hosting service gives statistics for every 10% completed instead of just "Plays" and "Completes". In our case a lot of viewers click off the video when our logo / outro music plays and may terminate the stream before the last frame "Completes" playing, but have essentially watched the whole video. However, with your statistics we have no way to differentiate between that and a viewer who drops out after 1 minute due to boredom or disinterest.

Yet another competitor of yours shows a color graph along the play bar showing "hotspots" based on the most watched portions and/or places where the video was most often paused by viewers.

Any level of additional information such as this would be appreciated.

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney Staff

We agree! Our stats system will be getting some under-the-hood upgrades this year and it's something that we hope to incorporate.

RightNow Media

RightNow Media Business

This would be great. The "finishes" is good, but I would image that most people take off a little earlier (especially if the video/music starts to fade before the video finishes.)

Do you know what other upgrades will be coming to the stats?

RightNow Media

RightNow Media Business

I would also like to see distinct plays added to the stats. I want to know how many unique individuals (or devices) are playing the videos in addition to just the total number of plays/loads/etc.

PIB Productions

PIB Productions

Our team is now wondering if any updates have been made since this thread from 9 months. We're PLUS users and really looking forward to utilizing such features as tracing % views rather than just "TOTAL FINISHES". Please give us an update of when to expect such upgrades to the stats system.

Kevin? Thank you.

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