DJ Paine

DJ Paine Plus

i just had a good idea i think-

imagine if there was an optional field{s} you could fill in on upload or edit after that had the time and date of when you filmed/created your clip.

and then you could click on the VIMEO TIME LINE - {which would have to be some cool as flash thingy} and it would lay out a time line with peoples clips on it...
and you could see what your friends around the world were doing at the same time as you etc...

people could then try to film themselves at the exact same time... {project ideas anyone?}

it would have to look simple and cool like the digg lab stuff-

the biggest hurdle would be converting peoples time zones...
that would take some good back end maths coding by the vimeo programmers.

so... a user would have to selct their time zone in their profile, and the VIMEO TIME LINE would then convert it back to New York time or something...

or better yet, each VIMEONATII could see the time line in their own time zone....

the more i think about the better i like it!!



For some reason I feel like this was suggested a long time ago, and I liked the idea even then. I like it now too!



This would be great, would love to see this implemented

Bill Couch

Bill Couch

This would be sweet. I'm all about onilne archives of media.

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