Paul McClintock

Paul McClintock

Not a fan of the new behaviour of the buttons under the clips. (Like it?, Embed, Download, Flag). They disappear when you click on them, which means the rest of the buttons move to fill in the space.

I often click 'download' just to see how large the clip is before I watch it, but now if I do that I can't hide the information again. Irritating because I've accidentally clicked the 'flag' button a couple of times as a result of this.

This also extends to the comment thread behaviour. I'm not sure what's going on there. If I click 'reply' and then change my mind, I'm stuck with an open (empty) text field that I can't get rid of.

So, the request is: Please make it so clicking a button won't make the button go away. I liked being able to click it again to change my mind.


Remyyy Plus

I think it's a bug. At least I hope there will be a way to hide the information.

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