Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery PRO

It would be nice to be able to change or update your embed presets. To do this currently you have to create a new preset, then go back through all videos and apply the new preset.


Soxiam Staff

Hi. We've looked into this when we introduced embed presets. The logic behind updating the existing preset and all associated videos was very difficult to implement at the time but we agree there's a room for improvement there. We will continue to work on it.

Thoranna Jonsdottir

Thoranna Jonsdottir Plus

Hi guys, just want to throw in my two cents here. Agree that an edit on the preset would be very very helpful.


Roomple PRO

As a plus user, I used embed profile and showed at the end of every video URL link to my old site. Now I want to change this URL. What I'm supposed to do - change profile for all my videos manually?

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