I'm working on an international collaborative documentary and part of the project is to display the videos on a map.

It would be great if Vimeo allowed users to tag a video with some metadata about where the video was shot (either a literal location like "Wellington, New Zealand" or lat/long values). I think that this feature would really open up some interesting possibilites when used in conjunction with the APIs and could provide users with a unique way of browsing for videos.

This is a feature that YouTube has already implemented, and while I don't want to get into a YouTube vs Vimeo debate, I think it would be nice if Vimeo caught up with this particular feature.

Currently, our options are to either (a) use the description or tags to hold the location metadata using a unique format, or (b) store the location data on our end (which makes it difficult for users to tag their own videos).



Soxiam Staff

Hi. This topic has been discussed in the past. In short, yes, we are interested in geo data and hope we can implement it in some smart fashion in the future.

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