Maurice Smith

Maurice Smith PRO

Wihoutaboxand the associated IMDB offer a festival package which really is just sucking in money from everyone and not delivering.

With your superior business model of what real film makers are trying to to, and the trah on you tube, and the cumbersome technology IMDB have inerited from the past and noew can't fix due to manual labour to update databases (always a bad idea), should you not drive through a whole new model of festival submission, on screen submissions and capitalise on the work and focus you have built?


Soxiam Staff

Hi Maurice. This is one of the areas we have some interest in expanding into. We have some ideas we are reviewing and we hope we can offer an attractive solution in the future.

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I agree with Maurice, this would be a great feature that would simplify the process of submitting to festivals not only for filmmakers but for festivals too. Looking forward to seeing what you're brewing in your labs…

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