Cristóbal Vila

Cristóbal Vila Plus

Hi guys,

I have a question / feature request:

• Is there a way to ban/block specific url(s) to avoid that some of our videos could be embedded on that site?

• If this is not possible, could you consider this as a convenient feature? IMHO, it would be great to have these options on the “Where can this video be embedded”:

— Anywhere
— Nowhere
— Only on sites I choose
— Anywhere, except these specific url(s)

I ask this because it particularly bothers me when some completely commercial sites (selling products or services) use any of my Vimeo videos to “decorate” his pages. And they do that without asking for any permission at all.

Of course, I can mail to that sites to ask to remove my video, but sometimes they just “ignore” my messages… :-/

Thanks! :-)


Soxiam Staff

We've looked at this option when we worked on domain level privacy feature. In most cases, we learned that people wanted to set the "allowed" domains rather than "blocked" domains. I think your case is a typical one actually. Even if we allowed blocked sites list, someone can always embed your video in another 'commercial' sites whereas with "allowed" domains you have a precise control over where it can be shown.



+1, some of my vids are embeded into Tourism agency websites that uses them to present seaside resort. And I don't allow this kind of usage.


Cristóbal Vila

Cristóbal Vila Plus

Thanks for your detailed reply, Soxiam :-)

I know that even if we allowed blocked sites list, someone could always embed our videos in another 'commercial' sites, yes. But IMHO this would be a great feature (I can follow the track to these “bad guys” simply by looking at my embed statistics on Vimeo from time to time…)

The "allowed" domains feature (“embed only on sites I choose”) is great, and I use for certain videos, but there are cases where I simply want “everybody” could embed my videos in their personal webs and blogs. Or even in some commercial ones (like online newspapers and so). Everybody EXCEPT those “bad guys”, because using my creations to decorate some specific online stores or doubtful business (kind of damn pharma spammer sites) is something that I simply don't like :-/

Thanks in any case, and continue to good work to make Vimeo the great place it is :-)

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