Bird's Eye Entertainment

Bird's Eye Entertainment

Please allow us to remove the fullscreen button via a query string parameter in the new iframe embed code. This feature is present in the deprecated flash embed code (i.e. ...&fullscreen=0....).

This is NOT the same as logging into vimeo and unchecking the "allow fullscreen" button. In the deprecated flash player, I could leave that option checked--but then I'd be able to embed videos with "fullscreen=0" or "fullscreen=1" as I please.

A vimeo staff member suggested that I upload the same video twice, one with fullscreen checked in the settings and one with it unchecked, in order to work around this missing feature. This of course is neither efficient nor practical, especially since there's limited space in a Pro account (also makes incorrect stats).

Please consider this soon. It's a bit different than other feature requests not only because of its relative simplicity, but also the fact that youactually had this feature before--just not in the new iframe universal player yet.


Soxiam Staff

Actually it sounds like it might've been a bug with the flash player. If you uncheck that option in video settings, technically, it shouldn't be able to override the setting via parameter -- because we wouldn't want people to override the creator's settings by other means.

Bird's Eye Entertainment

Bird's Eye Entertainment

Thanks for the response, but actually it wasn't a bug. If I uncheck it within settings, nobody could make it fullscreen via parameter no matter what, which is perfectly fine. You do however allow the other side of overriding to occur. That is, leave it checked in the options but be able to turn it off via a parameter. All I'm asking for is this same ability to occur in the iframe player.
Is this a tough feature to reimplement for the iframe player?
Ideally though, fullscreen would be a "Let User Decide", "Always Show", "Always Hide" kind of option that you already have for other parameters.

Bird's Eye Entertainment

Bird's Eye Entertainment

So...what do you think, Soxiam? Or other staff members? It seems to make sense to just be consistent with the other options as I've explained right above this.

Your reply will determine how I'm going to integrate video in my project as I code in the future.



Hey there, also for us this functionality would be very interesting. Maybe a simple solution for everyone would be a new option in the embed settings of the player that is called "let the embedder decide" or something. We are only embedding our own videos on our website and would love to be able to control features like this by code and not by setting the same options everytime again on vimeo for each video...


Terry Simpson

Terry Simpson PRO

I am confused by this discussion. Because even when I uncheck "[ ] Show Fullscreen Button" in [embed] tab, it still shows code in the embed code that allows it: "webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen". I am just looking for a way to code those so they are false. Anyone know?

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