Daniel Healy

Daniel Healy Plus

Is there a way to purchase more than 5GB per week . Pro does not seem to be suitable for what I need. Trying to upload wrestling teams weekly matches but when we have two matches a week 5GB doesnt cut it?


Soxiam Staff

Hello Daniel. Sorry but right now we are not offering add-on storage packages for Plus users. One of the reasons is that, heavy users who are already reaching the weekly upload limit are already costing us a great deal. If we were to make add-on packages available to them in a sustainable fashion, it would have to be at a price point that would be both highly unattractive to those users and unmarketable for our business. The reality is that storage costs a lot of money for us and we wanted to focus on providing a paid subscription service that will satisfy most of our users, most of the time at price point that is comfortable for them and scalable for us.

That said, we will continue to think about the add-on package option for Plus users.

Also, depending on how your are editing and compressing these videos, you might be able to save a good deal in file size while retaining good quality. This page might be helpful:

Vimeo FAQ: vimeo.com/help/compression

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