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Adjoa Skinner Anybody need an artist to shoot a music video for? active 2
Raio Filmes
Sexy Man Video Challenge #1 (Prizes) active 4
John Brant
zhivko dimitrov sound designer for animation project active 3
Steve Davis
Director Reuben L. Nevels, Sr. Gang Violence: Why Should They Stop? Alternatives! active 1
Director Reuben L. Nevels, Sr.
George Frazier Question For Score Writers?!!!!!!!!!!! active 1
George Frazier
Bill Blomgren The One Man Band project... active 2
Bill Blomgren
Ed Dobry And editors / camera / directors in Philadelphia? active 1
Ed Dobry
Ed Dobry Any Philadelphia Projects ? active 3
regina young
Al Vazquez Necesito Ayuda active 3
Carlos Raya
Carlos Raya Color corrections, Color FX, Special FX, Motion Graphics... active 3
Carlos Raya
Malachy Walsh Have script - Need animator active 1
Malachy Walsh Plus
dominic bracco Need SD and HD shooters in the Detroit area. active 2
Ivan George
Aaron I have music but no video can anyone help? Indie Pop/rock.
by Aaron
active 33
Corvette Motorsport
Admiral Animators: CALL FOR ENTRY/DEADLINE APRIL 10TH 2009 www.festanca. active 3
Admiral Plus
Eliot Rodriguez Hi, Music Composer here,Can I write the music for your film? active 3
Boyan Iontchev
Shaman Entertainment Let me know what you guys think... active 1
Shaman Entertainment
ramapo economic crisis Ramapo Economic Crisis active 1
ramapo economic crisis
Made For Full Screen 1. No camera movement! 2. No editing! 3. No overvoice! 4. No music! 5. No performance! active 1
Made For Full Screen Plus
Strange Infrastructure Have you seen my Syndicate machinima project? active 1
Strange Infrastructure
Brian Help Wanted :(
by Brian
active 1


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