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John C. Hermes Searching for Animation !!! active 1
John C. Hermes
Jedrzej Jonasz Films about Filmmaking active 1
Jedrzej Jonasz
Summer Question of the Week
by Summer
active 14
Collin Test your acting skills
by Collin
active 2
Randon Marlo
Sally Jones CALL FOR ENTRIES active 2
krzysiek dabek
eric ayotte Instant Gratification "a short film screening series" active 2
Nation Undead
Michael Brodner HD Skate or Breakdancing! active 4
Greyscalegorilla New "Five Second Animation Project" announced. "Coffee and Trian active 2
Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Vimeo Meetup Amsterdam 080809 active 1
Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus
Mickey Guidote Chuakay RURAL REMEDY active 1
Mickey Guidote Chuakay
Bruno Natal Our Coachella - a collaborative documentary active 1
Bruno Natal
David Piccirilli ATTENTION ALL FILMERS: your skate clips needed! active 2
David Piccirilli
JSP Electronic Musician Searching Video Maker.
by JSP
active 3
Sergi Colome
Transit People Volunteer Los Angeles videographers needed for charity race active 1
Transit People
NEWMIND bmx san bernardino bmx! enjoy active 1
James Schneider In Search of Work; episode one: WPM active 1
James Schneider
Dylan Cutlip Film / Music Video active 1
Dylan Cutlip
Dylan Cutlip Need a Project ! active 1
Dylan Cutlip
AdamPellinDeeve Eee! Ooh! Aah! active 5
AdamPellinDeeve Plus
Freeland SZMK - Zárt osztály Videoblog as a tool for community development active 1
Freeland SZMK - Zárt osztály Business


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