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Submit your film/s and have it/them play at the historic Michigan Theatre, Jackson, Michigan twice. Once as part of our newly launched "Irregularly Scheduled Sunday Matinee"; and then as part of the Jaxon Film Fest lineup in September. Submit your film before March 31 and SAVE. Submit before April 1 and there is no entry fee.

The Michigan Theatre, the last and largest theater built in downtown Jackson, opened April 30, 1930. It was built for the mainstream popular entertainment of the day — vaudeville and movies. The building’s exotic Spanish style, lavish interior plasterwork, ornate polychrome terra cotta facade, carved walnut furniture, plush wool carpeting, heavy damask draperies, stained glass light fixtures, and oil paintings entertained the patrons as much as the attractions on the stage and screen. This is an awesome venue for any film.

Email us at jaxonfilmfest@gmail.com

Link: jaxonfilmfest.com

Official Dump The Trump Campaign

Official Dump The Trump Campaign Plus

Memorial Day 2013 vimeo.com/66689633

My name is Richard and I am a Vietnam veteran. I served in Vietnam at the age of seventeen after lying about my age to join the Army. At the time it was my way out of the projects and a very bad family life. After forty years I am just coming with grips of what I seen and experience in Nam. I am just now able to view many of the photos that I took in nam. I created this tribute to many of the brothers and friends that I lost in Vietnam after being told by my PTSD doctor at the VA it would be good therapy. This is my experience in photos with what I could not say in words. vimeo.com/66689633

Please Be sure to turn on your sound before viewing. Although you have no way of knowing the reasons why, the photos and music have all been selected for very personal reasons. vimeo.com/66689633

Link: vimeo.com/66689633

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