MiRA Festival is pleased to announce the 2013 edition of OPEN CALL, aimed at visual creation and designed for individual artists and groups who want to exhibit their work in the Festival in November.

Thus, the festival promotes artistic meetings; exchange and creative dialogue between the emerging disciplines of visual creation and music, and offers an exhibitive platform to artists.

Link: mirabcn.cat/visual-open-call-mira-2013-2/?lang=en


Naissance PRO

Hi Mira Festival!

We just finished our newest victorian short film, The Umbrella Factory, based on the internationally acclaimed horror short story "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs and wanted to send it along for submission. I've included a link to the film below. Hope you enjoy!

The Umbrella Factory Vimeo

Fabrice Mathieu

Fabrice Mathieu Plus


Please find here the link of my short film "Dans l'ombre" (In the shadow):

It's a Film Noir with shadows.
I made this short film to promote a feature script. I'm looking for producers for this project.
Hope you enjoy!

Best regards,

Fabrice Mathieu


Reino Studio

Reino Studio Plus

Beginning from a deep journey into the creative process and using new tools as a means of experimentation, we've created a video art about nature and its inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Link: vimeo.com/72002686

Mark Brown

Mark Brown


Thanks so much for the open call.

If you're interested, please watch my 2.5 minute short film "Wonder".

Thanks so much and be well.

Link: vimeo.com/71291612


Naissance PRO

Hi Mira,

We just released our newest Macabre Masquerade Short Film, Haunting of the White Sparrow.If you have a moment we’d love for you to take a look! :)

Haunting of the White Sparrow

Five years ago, when the fevers swept through town, so did the rituals, so did the fear. The fevers were bad. It took most of the towns folk. The towns and villages were much bigger then. Those that survived have started a ritual to prove their bravery. They gather every year, the night before the harvest, offering blood and courage to satiate the fear. A fear they call the White Sparrow.

Behind the Scenes



Please Watch & Vote.

Link: http://bit.ly/HeY4Pz

Andrew M Pisanu

Andrew M Pisanu

Produced for zero budget, this is the video to "Rufus Wainwright", the final track from the album "Collecting Diseases". (Please note, it is not a Rufus Wainwright cover.)

"The shelves overcrowded
the gifts are all bullshit
I'd trade every one
for an empty room with you in it"

Directed by Spencer Doane and Will Haynes, aka Whirlwind Films.
Filmed in Calstock, Cornwall, England.
Written by Andrew M Pisanu.
Starring Andrew M Pisanu and Will Mattos.

Link: vimeo.com/90810998



Hello everyone! This is Cagil from Art By Chance working as Project Coordination Assistant.
Art by Chance Film Festival collects amazingly diverse ultra short films from all around the world. Before long, internationally selected fascinating movies pop into your lives suddenly in subways, airports, shopping malls, etc reaching more than 20 countries / 200 cities and 1.5 billion worldwide.
Theme for this year is Discover. Art By Chance sets out to celebrate the act of discovery in all its forms, from people to places to ideas this year. We would greatly appreciate it if you kindly support us and spread the word. Get going! We are waiting for your films! You might win a round flight ticket to anywhere in the world by the courtesy of our global sponsor Turkish Airlines. For more information about the festival, please visit artbychance.com
Our participation video: vimeo.com/105332631
Kindest regards,
Cagil Ozdemir
Project Coordination Assistant

Link: artbychance.com

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