As part of the Week of Photography in Holland, the On Photography: Online Film Festival will air for 4 days (26-29 9/13) on StationCreator/Mixation concurrent with Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair. Each day the online festival will screen about 2 hours of videos that will run in a loop for 24 hours and can be watched all over the globe for free. DEVELOP Tube is curating the programming for the closing day of the festival and for DEVELOP Tube. All submitted content must relate to STILL PHOTOGRAPHY, be in video form and either: showcase still photography (as multimedia with audio/video/text, or as an audio slideshow), strongly incorporate the still photograph (films, documentaries), or discuss the still photograph or photography/photographers (lectures, panels, interviews). There is no theme, no specified length of video or film, no fee, all content remains your own. Private Message DEVELOP Tube with a direct link to your submission. Deadline 7/30/13 Thanks!

Link: DEVELOP Tube: Photography to Watch

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