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This started as a Flickr project, but then a video from Remyyy (BOOKS) openen my eyes to the possibilities of Vimeo aspect here is the Flickr description:

About The Library

The idea is that one artist takes a hardcover from a book, tears out the pages and draws in one half (or half draws in both halves) of the binder/diptyque. In a nod to Ray Johnson, the two books are mailed (swapped) and Each of these will be finished by the other. The results are posted in a Flicker group called (what else) The Library Project. From this group, hopefully a show will be currated for New York, or Paris, or Basel, or Berlin, or wherever anyone wants to show this project. It should be deliciously portable... get working...get collaborating...get reading!

Also, feel free to show us your solo book art in this group... it can only serve to inspire other work and more and better collaborations. Choose the things you think are the most relevant to the project.

Eventually things will figure themselves out...for now... figure things out.

Also I will want to post some of these works on ITINplace

Because I am using these images as part of an ongoing experiment in linked digital visual literature (wheew)... videos of books in travel seem like a great idea... You don't even have to travel as where you are, I am not and so the characters might like to go there... Better I show you the page with Remyyy's video:

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