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Known Issues   Posts Updated
Mikey Perry Playback issues in Firefox 35/36 on OS X 61
Wouter Ebben
Andrew Tate Issues connecting to Facebook pages 1
Andrew Tate Staff
Tommy Penner Drop-down menus unavailable with Chrome on touchscreen laptops 0
Tommy Penner [UPDATED] Issues w/ Vimeo app for Samsung  0
Nathan Blaisdell Remove Vimeo Staff Picks from the feed 9
Eugene Tulushev
Topics   Posts Updated
Josephine I am invited for a group, but Vimeo gives the response that this group is private.... active 5
The Grove Experience Extra video's showing after video played on website active 1
The Grove Experience
Blanche Adding videos to group isn't working
by Blanche
active 3
Dia North Jeepers! Video cannot be played with current setup (iPhone and iPad) active 13
ABC Learning Embedded videos not working active 2
Tyler Brandt How do you stop a video from being forwarded? active 1
Tyler Brandt PRO
Samuel Thomas Uploading a new version of my video active 1
Samuel Thomas Plus
Fancy v Plus
michele choong Vimeo Account removed? active 1
michele choong
Frank Moore Can't add videos to Group active 1
Frank Moore Plus
Center for Ecoliteracy How to edit the email and twitter share text? active 7
Karina Estrada HD Video active 1
Karina Estrada Plus
Mary Mulvehill I HAVE NO AUDIO...but it plays perfectly in PremierePro... active 1
Mary Mulvehill Plus
Chenal Valley Baptist Church Dropbox and Google Drive not working for us... active 1
Chenal Valley Baptist Church Plus
Craig Facebook Vimeo Section does not show all of the Videos I have uploaded
by Craig
active 1
MBR Studios Video looks over compressed active 3
MBR Studios Plus
Hypercube Studios Why is this video displaying poorly ? active 6
Hypercube Studios PRO
Nick Rivas HD video file doesn't show in HD on Vimeo active 3
Nick Rivas
Rob Allen Cannot connect to Paypal when renting videos active 1
Rob Allen
Matthew Ballard Compression for darker images. How to get clean shadows? active 4
Andrew Tate Staff


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