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Known Issues   Posts Updated
Amy Horton Issues with captions on mobile Safari (iOS) 0
Tommy Penner Play/pause button always visible on embedded videos with iPad 0
Amy Horton (Beta Uploader) Privacy of newly uploaded videos changes to "Only Me" 0
Amy Horton Some email addresses aren't being sent Group invitations to private Groups 0
Amy Horton Only 1 video appears in some portfolios, regardless of how many videos have been added 0
Amy Horton Issue playing videos on some TV Apps 0
Tommy Penner User searches on Apple TV return "User not found" 0
Amy Horton Issue with quality at the beginning of some videos 0
Amy Horton Issues approving/denying membership to Groups 0
Tommy Penner My Groups unavailable on Apple TV 0
Amy Horton Dropbox auto-uploads missing from users' accounts 0
Tommy Penner Issues w/ Vimeo app for Samsung  0
Topics   Posts Updated
Xavier Veilhan Upload failed: error 907 active 1
Xavier Veilhan Plus
48 Frames Issue with HD encoding active 1
48 Frames Plus
This Is My Life Can i link people back to my website? active 1
This Is My Life Plus
Global Where to Buy Fake and Real Passport, Social Security Card, driver's License, ID Cards, Birth Cert, mattiablake@yahoo.com
by Global
active 1
Taylor Hom Slow conversion active 1
Taylor Hom Plus
Benoit Gautier Can't see the comment section on my videos active 7
Benoit Gautier
JBV Films Suddenly video file recomendations? active 18
Melanie Castle PRO
Luc Van Braekel "There was an error loading the files for this video" active 49
Emdeon PRO
Robin CMC How do I change the email for my account active 3
Robin CMC Plus
Logentries Vimeo IFrame embed showing Google SEO Errors active 5
AliaMori.Com PRO
Chris Parente No HD on mobile app. ETA for update? active 14
iStoker Plus
Paper Ghost Pictures The video cannot be played on this platform. active 11
Paper Ghost Pictures Plus
chessNwine Uploaded But Not Processing active 2
Amy Horton Staff
chessNwine Not "Finishing Up" active 2
Amy Horton Staff
chessNwine Uploaded But Not Processing active 2
Amy Horton Staff
Ohana Films App not working on iPad after update active 10
Amy Horton Staff
yasin çakan vimeo pro and vimeo business off-site limit active 4
Amy Horton Staff
Amy Horton Staff
brainout My Groups TOPICS unavailable in Windows 7 32 bit active 2
Amy Horton Staff
Monica Posadas how to log out vimeo from other devices active 84
Amy Horton Staff


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