Scott Donaldson

Scott Donaldson Plus

Hi, I am just trying to understand how the whole system works on basic mode before making the upgrade leap for my family video collection.

I encoded my 2 min video exactly as to specs on your website and @ 5,000 kbs . After uploading, the website told me that the video was only 4,250 kb ( approx ) I am using Vegas Pro 12.

Should I simply encode a little higher for future Videos ?

Do I actually need to prepare my file as MP4 or can I simply upload an AVI DV codec file ?

just want your advice for future reference please



Mark Staff

Sure, you can raise the bitrate a little bit. Sounds like you exported it with a variable bitrate, it's normal for it to dip a little lower than 5,000.

We highly recommend MP4. AVI does not work well.

Scott Donaldson

Scott Donaldson Plus

Thanks, I'll play around with the settings and test a few more videos . cheers Scott

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