Luke Humphrey

Luke Humphrey Plus

Not a biggie, but just noticed total "like"s for this video are less than the sum of daily totals:

Seems to top out at 200 for the total.

Daniel Hayek

Daniel Hayek Staff

Sorry about that, if this doesn't correctly synch up by the end of today please let us know. Additionally all your likes are still being counted and logged away in our system.


Article19 Plus

like and comment numbers are also not consistent throughout. On our Vimeo home page videos show 0 comments and 0 likes when in fact they have a fair few.


Soxiam Staff

this might be related to the stats log issues we were looking into last friday. i will have an engineer look into this for you.

Paulo Teixeira

Paulo Teixeira

I have a problem myself. This video shows that I have one like on the 11th of December but I got no views on that day unless it was viewed a few days before.

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