Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson Plus

Text is overlapping & images have been shoved to the left of page - can anyone suggest how to get it back to normal?

Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin Plus

I'm having the same issue. It seems to be an issue with Safari browsers.

Glen Dunn

Glen Dunn Plus

I'm having the same issues mentioned above. I too run Vimeo from Safari.


Remyyy Plus

Yes, I have also a problem loading Vimeo on Safari. On Firefox it's looking great.
Take care !


Barbecue Plus

Whoha... Vimeo looks very crippled on safari...

Surf Aggregate

Surf Aggregate

Me thinks the Vimeo is smoking crack-cocaine.

Absolutely unusable.



Me too. Desktop is messed up beyond belief. Links are not working and if you hover over one the submenu shows up over the other links. This is Safari 5,1.7 and OS10 .6.8 The latest update to this without having to buy a whole new computer to run Mountain Lion. Also,I discovered I can't edit or upload or change anything in my member page. Not sure this eail will post. You have managed to cut out all the Macs running Snow Leopard, it seems. I hope you can fix this.

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