Steve Isaacs

Steve Isaacs

I tried to restrict my HD embeds to no avail.
I added my URL for the domain restriction, but there is no submit, just the blue "save changes" button. When I click, I get no list of the allowed domains (no confirmation of what I've just entered). No way of seeing what is permitted and what isn't.

When I try to view the video in other domians to see if the HD is restricted it isn't.


Soxiam Staff

hello steve. can you please post the url of the video in question and the url of the domain that is playing HD (but shouldn't) so we can check it out?

Armando Accardo

Armando Accardo Plus

just my quick experience with the embedding in HD only on specific domains.
I did have the same issue reported by others here, as soon as I typed the domain it disappeared and the video embed didn't retain the limitation to my domain.
To fix it what I did was:
- set the domain restriction in the privacy menu, so that video is available only to my domain;
- go to the embed and now set the domain restriction on the embed in HD. This time when you save, the domain is kept;
- go back to privacy and remove the domain restriction.

Doing so I was able to set the domain restriction in all my embed in HD.


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