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We're in the clear now! Roku devs and our developers have fixed the issue and all issues should be resolved now. If you have any more problems, please post in the main help forum. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you!


The fix rolled out yesterday may be causing playback problems. Roku developers and Vimeo developers are on the case. Due to the nature of this issue, we recommend also contacting Roku support. You can contact them here:

Our sincerest apologies for the ongoing issues!


Our developers and Roku have tested and fixed this issue! Our apologies for any inconvenience. We now return to your regularly scheduled Vimeo.

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There is a bug where the Vimeo app on Roku isn't loading Staff Picks, Likes, and Watch Later. Additionally, some users of the app may not be able to log in or activate their Vimeo accounts.

We're in contact with developers from Roku and are working on a solution. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

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