William Veder

William Veder

VIMEO is and should stay a videoplatform and not an advertising area. I received this message: "Try Free Acai Berry Diet endorsed by Oprah Winfrey at snipurl.com/b9vks Have fun everyone. Team vimeo" (USER: vimeo.com/user1254525 )

This is not what VIMEO is about. I just want to discuss if it is possible to let delete an account with this nonsens-ringtone-advertising function. Please help for the force of VIMEO.

Daniel Hayek

Daniel Hayek Staff

That user has been escorted out of the community by our intimidating squad of hamster bouncers.

If you wanna chill in the club you got to be chill.


Article19 PRO

just mail the user link to help@vimeo.com and it will be gone in minutes!! ;o)

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