Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill

I am interested in possibly using vimeo for a couple videos on my website. My videographer recommended Vimeo.

My question is when I went to the homepage, the videos downloaded slow and were choppy? If you pay for the Vimeo plus, will the videos stream choppy?




Soxiam Staff

video download and playback quality has no difference whether you are a free or a plus member. that said, we have experienced some performance problems today which we are working to resolve.



As brandon had his question resolved i wanna use this threath yo aks u one question about vimeo plus. I made a lot of videos but most of them are, in spite of they are my own creations, about videogames. So my question is simple, if i make my accoun plus will i have problems with this kind of videos ?


Mark PRO

The same rules apply for Plus and non-Plus members. This also means that 3 of your videos are in violation of those rules.

"No captures of video games or gameplay, regardless if it is edited or not. Machinima with a story is allowed, provided the story is more than "guys doing exactly what the game was made for (eg skateboarding)". Machinima videos must be properly labeled as such in the video description to avoid accidental deletion."



i asked that cos i just got deleted a few of my videos but the oldest os my gallery now wasnt so i supossed as it was a big edting job and tries to tell something it was ok. I thanku ur answer but i think that u, as a PLUS but not STAFF member, dont have the right to say how much of my videos are in violation of the rules.

As i said 90% of my videos are of videogames but trying to tell something, it vimeo dont let me upload them its not a problem, there more video webs (not with this quality) so it has a pretty simple solution. Next ime Mark try to answer as a user. thx.

Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi GuNnM23, I don't think Mark was trying to be a staff member. We rely heavily on the community to let us know about content that's against the rules. He's just being a good Vimeo user!

I hope you stay on Vimeo and continue to upload videos you make that are in accordance with our guidelines --



u said that but u deleted all my videos in spite of tehy were created by me. i really whink vimeo is great but for users like me is useless so i dont think i will upload anything else. bye

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