Bob King

Bob King

I asked about this in help/topic:104488, which was locked before anyone offered help. However, as of yesterday (June 29, 2013) I notice my videos are playing on my Windows 8 PC on IE 10. Did Vimeo do something to address the issue? Are there any Windows 8, IE 10 users who still cannot see Vimeo playback? Thanks.


Darnell Witt

Darnell Witt Staff

Hey Bob,

Sorry that we didn't end up following up in your last thread -- threads get automatically locked after a couple weeks of inactivity. It looks like we accidentally overlooked your most recent responses in there.

There are some mobile platforms (including Windows 8 phones) on which our embedded players still aren't working. This is described here:

I will ask someone with a bit more knowledge about all things Windows 8 to post in this thread tomorrow.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Bob, we haven't changed anything that would affect IE10 compatibility. Playback on the Win8/IE10 machines we have in the office also hasn't changed. Either way, glad to hear things are working out well on your end!

Bob King

Bob King

In that case maybe something on my end changed. I know I accidentally downloaded an unwanted toolbar, and to remove it I from IE10 I had to do an Internet Options > Advanced > Reset. Sometime afterwards I noticed my vimeo vids played on IE10. That may be coincidental, I don't know. (Best Buy's Geek Squad set up my new pc in the first place.)

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Glad everything is back to normal! Let us know if the problem resurfaces.

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