Mitch Waters

Mitch Waters PRO

I uploaded four videos on Friday.

When attempting to watch them, I get a message on the player stating "Upload Complete! Conversion will begin shortly." The videos are only 35-60 MB apiece, I can't see them taking three full days for conversion. 1280x720 29.97, AAC audio, and I think the longest one is ~ 1:25.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Mitch, sorry about that. I'm not sure what happened to those clips, but unfortunately you'll need to upload them again. I apologize for any inconvenience.

If you ever have any more uploading/transcoding issues, please use the contact/help form:

Vimeo FAQ:

Mitch Waters

Mitch Waters PRO

I have since reuploaded them and the new versions are doing the exact same thing as the old ones. As a test, I uploaded a completely different video and it seems to have converted and is viewable.

From what I can tell, they're the same format and resolution. The videos in question are:

And the functional test video is:

Is there any way for you to manually start the conversion process?

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