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Hi All,

Just created my first channel and can't figure out how to get the channel videos to adhere to my desired preset. I re-checked all my videos, and they appear as preset in "my videos", but the channel doesn't match that. I do NOT want to have my stats on view for anyone else viewing the channel, and don't really want the vimeo plus badge, video title or my profile name on the video. (I checked the channel without signing in and the stats and fluff in the corner still appear). What steps have I missed?

Also, the icon for the channel is a video I don't want to be the thumbnail. It's just the last one I uploaded, but the videos are in the right manual order on the page. How do I select a different one?

I slogged through the topics, faq's and whatnot, but couldn't find these specifics. Who can help?

Many thanks!

Link: Opportunity Knox

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Unfortunately stats will always appear when your video is placed into a Channel and there isn't a way to hide your Plus status.

The thumbnail of your channel will always reflect the last video's thumbnail that you added to the channel. Unfortunately there is no way around this either.

We value your input and encourage you to post your suggestions in our Feature Requests Forum:

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