Alessandro Cima

Alessandro Cima Plus

In searching for a solution for this serious problem on Android I am consistently finding updates from Vimeo staff declaring that a solution is very close. But those updates are from months ago. What's going on here? Your system is unable to play videos on a major, dominant operating system. That would imply a massive overnight push for a fix. That's not anywhere near what we are seeing happen at Vimeo.

Is the company going under or something like that?


Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Alessandro, sorry for the continuing trouble. We are indeed committed to fixing this bug as part of a major upgrade to our player. Unfortunately we cannot comment on upcoming product releases or launch dates, hence the radio silence and lack of updates about this in the past. We're testing lots of things with the player right now, not all of which are visible to to the end-user, so changes are coming sooner than later.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but keep an eye out in the forums, and ultimately our blog, for updates.


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