David Smith

David Smith

Hi all

I am working for someone with a Vimeo Plus account. Is it possible to set a video to be password-protected on Vimeo, and restrict domains where the video can be embedded, BUT not require password when viewing embedded player?

I realise this is an edge case, but any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Mark Staff

Hey David, i'm sorry but unfortunately that's not possible. If it is password protected, it's password protected everywhere. That being said, I can see how this could be useful, please feel free to make a feature request here vimeo.com/forums/feature_requests

David Smith

David Smith

Thanks Mark - no apology required! I guess the quickest workaround for the time being is two have two copies of the video - one password protected and one solely for embedding.

Mikey Perry

Mikey Perry Staff

Indeed, that is the best workaround for now, David. Thanks for your patience!

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