A.Goswami Plus

Today I have been trying to upload a short 10min clip. The video uploads fine but when I look at it the total duration of the video is only 2min 40sec long.

This is driving my head in!!!
I need to get this video to a client.. and all day I have been wasting time uploading.
I really wish Vimeo would get there act together and sort out all of these bugs. Everytime I try and upload a video there is an issue.. the lagging of audio when viewing my videos on FF is STILL an issue..

Please, please, please Vimo get your act together and sort out these bugs instead of creating useless stuff like "cool video enhancers" we don't need that. We need a site that works properly, specially when we are paying for your services!


Mark Staff

The file may be corrupted, can you please re-export your video and try uploading it again? If you have any further issues, please email us to reach our encoding engineers vimeo.com/help/compression

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