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We're having issues with playback on some videos loaded for client review. The video is very stuttery on playback even if allowed to buffer the whole way through.

We've tested with multiple users across multiple computers and multiple browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, all up to date with up to date flash) and the problems persist. It seems to work alright through mobile/ipad, and dropping playback to SD helps (neither of which helps for sending to client).

We've tried using a lower bitrate on our end (initial uploads I think were 10000, then we tried 5000) with no appreciable difference. In all cases, the mp4s play back smoothly, so it's not something on the video end.

We've had minor issues on assorted videos before, but never as bad as we're getting here. And it doesn't seem that most of the shots would be that intensive (we see it the most on pans, but even fairly mundane pans).



Mikey Perry

Mikey Perry Staff

Sorry for the trouble! We're not experiencing any playback issues like the ones you've described on our end -- your videos look great!

Could you describe in more detail what you're seeing? Are the videos stuttering as if they were having trouble buffering under your web connection or are you seeing a strobe effect? Also, are there any times in your videos that are worse than others, which you could point us to?


TCmotion PRO

One of the more consistent spots is in the first video linked (Wine Station) at around 58 seconds, when it pans across the bottles. It doesn't feel like a buffering issue- the video doesn't full on pause and catch up, but it seems more like it's dropping frames to keep going. Clicking back on the timeline so it replays sometimes results in a pass with smooth playback, but sometimes it makes the issue worse.

It seemed better overall when I checked them today, but still choppier than other, often more complex videos we've uploaded.

Thanks for the response

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