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The features and menues in the back end are confusing at first. But I'm guessing that with a few days spent on tutorials and experimentation I can figure it out.
However, the front end navigation of my VOD page is problematic. On my own website, if I embed VOD videos or use iFrame to link to the On Demand page, it looks fine. But as soon as a client clicks on a video they are taken to a different page for that specific video or video series. There is no navigation menu that will return them to my On Demand page if they want to look at other videos.

I find that I have to open every new link in a new tab or new window in order to keep track of where I have been. The back button doesn't always take be back to where I thought I had been.
I can't help but think that I will lose sales and views because of the navigation issues.
Is there a way for visitors to add videos to a cart before leaving my VOD page or profile page?
If I use my own domain for my vimeo channel, could I....


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