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As the title says, what happens to my +500mb vids when I terminate my plus account

Derek Beck

Derek Beck Staff

Hi there,

If you choose not to renew your Plus membership, your account will revert to Basic Membership upon expiration.

Features: You will lose access to Vimeo Plus features like Advanced Stats, custom embed settings, domain-level privacy, and Tip Jar.

Upload Limits: You will go back to an upload limit of 500MB and 1 HD video per week.

Collections: You will keep Groups, Channels, and Albums you created a Plus member, but will not be able to create new ones beyond the Basic limits.

Embedded Videos: Any videos with custom embed settings for will revert to the default embed options for Basic accounts.

Source Files: Any source files that were stored on Vimeo will be deleted after two weeks and cannot be recovered (though the HD and SD versions of your videos will remain).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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