kiljano Plus

Here is a screendump

You can see that with only 3 embedded videos on my site your analytics scripts is slowing down my webpage with more than one second.

Having 3 videos embedded on my site has resulted in a total of nearly 30 requests! from Scripts and html.

Why do you have to push all that into my videos?
I gladly pay that extra fee for a plus account, and I use the option to hide videos from vimeo.
I dont see the reason for you to practically hijack my site with code and requests.

but I dont understand why you need all that analytical code and info. What Are you doing with it?



Mark Staff

Conviva is a third-party library used in our player that is not required for it to work properly. It's used for tracking the performance of video playback and cannot be disabled, sorry.

Corey Ward

Corey Ward

+1 — Conviva, by way of Vimeo embeds, is responsible for detrimentally impacting load speeds and increasing overall bandwidth utilization.

I'm really unhappy that Vimeo requires Conviva, especially for Pro accounts.

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate Staff

Hi Corey, we haven't noticed any slowness recently with the embedded player nor our integration with Conviva. We actually use Conviva to monitor the load time of the player, as well as any errors that come up during playback, which is why the Conviva resources are so small--we wouldn't want any additional monitoring to slow down the player :)

If you're having issues with the load time of the Vimeo player on your site, please send us a link, we'd be happy to take a look!

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