Gan Eden Media

Gan Eden Media

Why is this happening? It's doing my head in! Sort it please Vimeo.


Haelo PRO

Having the same issues, any news on this getting fixed?


EthosData Plus

Same problem! No answer from Vimeo so far. Need this fixed to show to clients

André Supa

André Supa

I Staff member has moved the issue to "Current Bugs", but this is taking too long. Been several hours now, it's a thumbnail, come on.


Mark Staff

This should be working now, sorry about that! The only outstanding issue is that if you try to choose your own thumbnail, there is no button to do so, that we're working on. But uploading a custom one should work.

Revfox Enterprises

Revfox Enterprises PRO

I am having this issue now when choosing a random frame for the video. The uploaded file shows the video image as the multi colored stripes image


Mark Staff

We're looking into this issue right now, hang tight!

dandelion dandy

dandelion dandy Plus

Thanks Mark. I just re-uploaded two videos and they're exactly the same. I had really been hoping to get these videos out today and though they all play fine, the big colored bars are a bit disappointing for a paid service. :/ I was excited by all the thumbnail options, coming from youtube, but alas. heh


Suede. PRO

I'm having the same issue as Big baby Productions.. cannot change video thumbnails.
Waiting to deliver to a client...

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