Zena Hirsch

Zena Hirsch Staff

We are currently investigating reports where uploads reach a certain percentage, then start over from 0%. Our engineers are currently researching these reports, and attempting to pinpoint the cause of the issue.

In the meantime, some have found the following workarounds helpful in getting their videos uploaded successfully:

(1) Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then re-try your upload. (2) If you still have trouble, disable all extensions or plug-ins associated with your browser. (If your upload is successful, try re-enabling these one by one to isolate which one caused the issue.) (3) If that does not work, try uploading with a different browser. (4) Try switching to a different Internet connection altogether (for example, at a friend's house or your workplace). (5) If all else fails, you can upload your video via Dropbox. Learn more about that here: vimeo.com/s/tbn

Thank you for your continued patience. Please check back for further updates on this issue.

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