Michael Giusto

Michael Giusto

With a PRO account and using Private Mode with domain-level privacy, can I embed videos on my intranet (not on the public internet) and have this be the only place to view the videos?

Could someone take the videoID or URL and paste it at vimeo.com and still see the video? This is what I am trying to avoid, I want the only place you can see the video to be via the website on our companies intranet and no where else.



Mark Staff

No, sorry, domain level privacy doesn't work with intranets.


Lookers PRO

Hi Mark - I would have the same requirement as Michael. Anyone accessing our intranet is inside our network and so I believe would be potentially only presenting a few IP addresses. Could we filter access to only those IP addresses rather than a registered domain name?


Meghan Oretsky

Meghan Oretsky Staff

Hi Derek,

We allow you to enter IP addresses in the privacy field, so this should work. Give it a try!

Jeff Bergeron

Jeff Bergeron

I have seen other topics that state you are not able to limit by IP address. Could someone confirm if this is a feature that works or not? I have this need as well.


Haley Fine

Haley Fine Staff

Hi Jeff, while we don't offer an ability to limit IP address access, you can restrict the domains where your content can be embedded, as well as apply a number of different privacy settings.

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