Facebook User

Facebook User

I just tried upgrading with two different credit cards. You card processing must be broke at the moment. Since this site hasn't been easy for me to get around and get any sort of technical help on a Saturday morning, not sure if I want to join the plus side now or not.

Did I check known issues? Yes,
Did I search current topics? Yes,
Did I upgrade my flash? Yes I'm up to date.
URL that's not working? CREDIT CARD PROCESSING!

Problems with my credit card, NO, I'm a business, I have money in my account! Could someone fix this, you just lost my time to use this site for today, cause I wanted to start using Plus and uploading some of my portfolio, now I cannot do that without it being crap quality.



Soxiam Staff

i'm almost certain this is because your account does not have a valid email address that has been verified. your information shows no email address at all. i will contact the developers to see if there's anything we can do to fix this.

in the mean time, i would suggest that you create a new account (DO NOT use your facebook credential to join). confirm your account when you receive the verification email. then go to this page to purchase plus:


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