keith Plus

i have a few videos that are not normal aspect ratios..
this, for example:

is 480x264. I based it off of the original footage i had. does this have something to do with the fact that a thumbnail is not being generated?

eh, version 4.0 right?

Jake Lodwick

Jake Lodwick Alum

It's probably the clip's aspect ratio, or something about it codec it's encoded in.

Cliff Spence

Cliff Spence Plus

I encoded a couple clips in H.264 codec. A thumbnail is being generated, but I noticed that on the edit page for the clip there are no preview shots shown to choose from. Sorensen seems to work fine, though.


keith Plus

yeah, i used sorenson for that one.

hey jakob, are the thumbnails generated after the clip right after it is uploaded?


charliesteadman Plus

Thumbnails appears to be created after a clip is converted to a Quicktime .MOV or immediately if the clip is uploaded as a Quicktime .MOV. Sometimes the Quicktime converter stops working so thumbnails that are queued for Quicktime conversion only get the default thumbnail.

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