Paul Annett

Paul Annett

I emailed on Nov 19 to ask a specific question about my account, but received no reply.

My question is: am I allowed to display a Vimeo video demo of a product on a commercial website? If not, then why is this rule enforced for me but not for these guys?

I have no objection to them doing it, but if they're allowed to do it, why can't the rest of us?

Please give an answer - I had a high opinion of Vimeo and still do love the site, but from past experience you'll probably lock this post and bury your head in the sand. (Or now I've said that you'll probably delete this post and I wouldn't be surprised if you delete my account too).


Soxiam Staff

hello paul.

i am sorry to hear that you did not receive a prompt reply to your email. we do our best but we cannot always respond to everyone as quickly as we would like.

let's go through your questions item by item.

vimeo relies on our users to report inappropriate content by flagging them. once videos are flagged, our community staff review them in the order they were flagged and act accordingly. have you flagged any of the videos you've mentioned above? i would encourage you to do so if you haven't yet.

the content policy on commerciality is largely based on intent. we ask our users to ask themselves this question: "are you uploading these videos to make a profit?" if the answer is yes, then it most likely won't be allowed on vimeo.

i'm sure i don't need to explain this to you but there's difference between "being allowed to do it" vs. "getting away with something because they haven't been reported yet".

do not misunderstand getting your thread locked. we do that for discussions that are best taken off-line or threads that's been answered or resolved.

no, we won't lock this post.

no, we usually don't bury our head in the sand.

no, we won't delete this post.

no, we do not delete users unless they violate our terms or policies.

let me know if there's anything else we can answer for you.

Paul Annett

Paul Annett

Thanks Sox.

I'm not going to flag those videos as I have nothing against them being there (interesting though that you "encourage" me to do so - do you think they should be reported then? if so, why does it take an official flagging by a user for you to act?)

I simply wondered why some videos are removed and some aren't. It's because your policy is to only remove commercial content that's reported officially to you rather than just told to you in conversation. As you said, the trick is to just not get reported!

Thanks for your response.

Daniel Hayek

Daniel Hayek Staff

If you want to report anyone please use the flagging feature. It doesn' seem like you want to though, which is fine. We host a huge amount of video content and it's not possible for us to review every single video. So, we rely on our community to police the site and help us.

Paul Annett

Paul Annett

Besides, better for business to turn a blind eye when the cool kids are doing it ;-)

Thanks again.

Paul Annett

Paul Annett

I should add that I wouldn't be asking again if I'd just got an answer in the first place, and that this will be the last you hear of it if you can provide a satisfactory answer this time.

Paul Annett

Paul Annett

When we uploaded our software demo to Vimeo which is now shown on using Viddler, it was removed. Because you don't actively police this, does that mean it was removed because it must've been flagged by a user as a terms of use violation?

It does seem odd that a product demo (not an advert, a product demo) is removed because of a USER's interpretation of your terms of service when a blatant advert (Threadless/Griffin) is allowed to stay even when you're aware of it, simply on the formality that it hasn't been flagged as commercial content.

Allowing users this level of control seems very open to malicious abuse, while it may not necessarily be seen as having that intent by Vimeo.

Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen PRO

Hi Paul, I'm jumping in here just to add that although our Guidelines state, "You may not upload commercials, infomercials, or demos that actively sell or promote a product or service" if you read on, you'll also see, "You may not upload videos containing ads before or after the video, unless given prior written permission from an authorized member of the Vimeo staff.

You should also know we do not discuss other user's accounts.

I also want to clear up that when a member of the community flags a video, it is reviewed by a Vimeo staff moderator. Just because a video is flagged, does not necessarily mean it will be removed.

I hope this helps.

Paul Boag

Paul Boag

For those interested in just how insane things get with Vimeo's commercial policy check out this post...

I would very much appreciate it if Vimeo would respond.

Eric Wiley

Eric Wiley

I've also been banned for commercial use. I understood why Vimeo chose to do so.

Since then, I have (without meaning to) stumbled upon many Vimeo-hosted videos that clearly break the non-commercial rule. Because they were always for high(er) profile companies, I mentally wrote it off as 'special partnerships'.

Here's to hoping Vimeo eventually chooses to do the right thing & begins treating all customers equally.

Blake Whitman

Blake Whitman Staff

We treat all customers equally and do not give preferential treatment to anyone. We do, however, reserve the right to make special partnerships with sponsors to allow commercial content, but this is on a very limited basis.

To make this very clear: we do not allow videos that actively promote products or services because Vimeo is not a business hosting solution. We are a site to share work that you have created that is non commercial in nature.

You may post examples of commercial work you have created, but that work cannot be used to actively sell a product (i.e. if you make a Nike commercial, Nike cannot use it on their site)

We cannot possibly monitor all the videos on the site looking for commercial content. We deal with violations as we come across them, and hold everyone to the same standards.

I am closing this thread as there really isn't much more we can say to clarify.

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