Adam Holwerda

Adam Holwerda Plus

Hey, so. We all like Duplo, because she's awesome and cool. And pretty and awesome. And cool and neat.

I just thought if I came to the forum every day and every day there was a thread entitled "Adam...please shut up!" near the top of the page, I'd want another thread that was above it, saying I was awesome. Also it's like 4:30 AM and my brain is fried chicken.



Thanks, Adam!

Candi Marie

Candi Marie

Adam, that is so sweet! I agree, Jessica rocks! :-)

Cameron Christopher

Cameron Christopher PRO

Psh. Jessica is an astounding person from what I see in videos and it's silly to say otherwise.

Ian Lucero

Ian Lucero PRO

She's also taller than she seems in videos.

She'll kick your ass.

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